Snow and Ice Operations

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Snow and ice operations consist of two major categories:  Anti-icing and de-icing.  Anti-icing is the process of applying chemicals to the road surface which increases the freezing temperature of the precipitation and minimizes bonding to the road surface.  De-icing is the process of removing snow and ice from the road surface by plowing the majority of the precipitation from the road and applying chemicals at the same time.  The Town of Perinton has a fleet of 25 trucks equipped with snow plow equipment.  There are 21 snow plow routes, which consist of 465 lane miles of roads. If needed, 4 trucks are kept ready as spares.  The Town of Perinton's snow plow trucks are equipped with computer controlled chemical spreaders.  This allows the operator to set a pre-determined rate at which the material will be applied.  Materials are applied in pounds per lane mile.  The goal is to provide a safe road surface to drive on and use the minimum amount of chemicals to do so.

The Town of Perinton uses 3 materials to treat the roads.  Sodium chloride (salt) is the most commonly used substance and works well to about 15 degrees Fahrenheit.  When the temperature falls below 15 degrees, we switch to salt treated with magnesium chloride which aids in melting at colder temperatures.  Sand and salt are used on a limited basis when the temperatures dip to 0 degrees or below.