Legal Notices

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Order for Hearing Ext'n 66 for Perinton Town Consolidated Sewer District #8

Permissive Referendum Bills Property E Whitney 154.01-1-41.1 

Town Board & Town Attorney Openings

Zoning Board of Appeals Openings

Bidder Notice - 2019 Rec/Park Supplies, Arts/Crafts Supplies, Wearing Apparel, Janitorial

Town Board Meeting Rescheduled to Dec 19 2018

Town Purchase Bills Property East Whitney Rd 121218

Notice for Removal of Unregistered Vehicles et al 80 Country Corner Lane 112818

Notice of Unsafe Building 265 Howell Rd 112818

2019 Budget Adoption

Penfield Fire District Election Dec 2018

Public Hearing 10/24/18 High St Ext Duplex & Subdivision 

2018 Permissive Referendum Ford Truck for Parks

2018-19 School Tax Collection

Adoption of Local Law 10 of 2018

Public Hearing 8/22/18 2770 Baird Rd Perinton Churches Housing

Debt Exclusion Filing July 26, 2018

2018 Permissive Referendum Legal Transfer Funds Town Hall Sidewalks

Rescheduled Town Board Meeting from Aug 8th to 15th

Adoption of Local Laws 6 thru 9 and 11

2018 Permissive Referendum Legal Transfer Funds Mason Rd Sidewalks

2018 Permissive Referendum Legal Transfer Funds Whitney Rd Sidewalks

Public Hearing 7/25/18 Egypt Fire Pole Barn

State of NY Notice

2018 Permissive Referendum Access Control System Transfer of Funds

Public Hearing 7/25/18 Local Laws #10 2018

2018 Permissive Referendum - Purchase 1849 E. Whitney Rd

2018 Permissive Referendum - Transfer Funds - Group Cycling Bikes 

Public Hearing 6/13/18 Amendments to Town Code Local Laws 6 thru 11 2018 

2018 Permissive Referendum to Purchase Portion of Vacant Land Owned by St Lukes Church

Public Hearing 05/23/18 Purchase of Property at 1849 East Whitney Rd

2018 Resolution subject to Permissive Referendum - Large Area Mower - Parks Dept

2018 Hearing Minutes & Determinations - Ext 65 to Perinton Consolidated Sewer District 8

2018 Rezoning Request 687 Moseley Restricted Business to Mixed Use or Apartment Zoning

2018 Town Code Amendments Ch 174-3A Sign Code Ch 208-16B Parking, Ch 108 Electrical Stds

2018 Town & County Taxes

Public Hearing 01/10/18 Amend Town Code Residency Requirements  

Adopt Change to Zoning Map 11/29/17

Public Hearing 12/13/17 SUP Girl Scout Camp Piperwood Small Lodge 2222 Turk Hill  

Public Hearing 11/29/17 SUP Modification Childtime Learning Center Expansion

Public Meeting 11/30/17 Rec & Parks Master Plan Update

2018 Debt Service Apportionment

Proposed Changes in Sewer Rent Ordinance