Legal Notices

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2018 Permissive Referendum - Purchase 1849 E. Whitney Rd

2018 Permissive Referendum - Transfer Funds - Group Cycling Bikes 

Public Hearing 6/13/18 Amendments to Town Code Local Laws 6 thru 11 2018 

2018 Permissive Referendum to Purchase Portion of Vacant Land Owned by St Lukes Church

Public Hearing 05/23/18 Purchase of Property at 1849 East Whitney Rd

2018 Resolution subject to Permissive Referendum - Large Area Mower - Parks Dept

2018 Hearing Minutes & Determinations - Ext 65 to Perinton Consolidated Sewer District 8

2018 Rezoning Request 687 Moseley Restricted Business to Mixed Use or Apartment Zoning

2018 Town Code Amendments Ch 174-3A Sign Code Ch 208-16B Parking, Ch 108 Electrical Stds

2018 Town & County Taxes

Public Hearing 01/10/18 Amend Town Code Residency Requirements  

Adopt Change to Zoning Map 11/29/17

Public Hearing 12/13/17 SUP Girl Scout Camp Piperwood Small Lodge 2222 Turk Hill  

Public Hearing 11/29/17 SUP Modification Childtime Learning Center Expansion

Public Meeting 11/30/17 Rec & Parks Master Plan Update

2018 Debt Service Apportionment

Proposed Changes in Sewer Rent Ordinance

Public Hearing Amendment 1 Perinton FPD

Public Hearing Amendment 1 Forest Hills FPD

Public Hearing Amendment 1 Egypt FPD

Public Hearing Amendment 1 Perinton Volunteer Ambulance Corps

Public Hearing Amendment 1 Bushnells Basin FPD

Notice of Hearing upon the Preliminary Budget 2018

Permissive Referendum - Victor Self Storage Easement - Town Open Space Lands  

Public Hearing Special Use Permit Modification - Automobile Inventory Parking Expansion 347 and 355 N Washington St 

2017-2018 School Taxes

Permissive Referendum - Two Shelters Fellows Road Park

Permissive Referendum - Women's Locker Room Floor and HVAC

Victor Self Storage Easement