What's New with Peddlers' Permits

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In spring and summer peddlers begin soliciting throughout the community.  Because the appearance of a stranger in our neighborhood or doorstep can be unsettling, both the Town of Perinton and the Village of Fairport require that peddlers be licensed annually. 


See section 163 of Town Code (Peddling & Soliciting) for details. Go to The Town of Perinton website for more information here.  


Peddlers are required to carry their peddling licenses with them.  If a peddler rings your doorbell, ask to see his/her current license.  Each Town of Perinton license will have a picture of the individual owner of the license.  If you wish to do business with the peddler, ask to see the “Notice of Cancellation” which should accompany any contract you sign and allows you to cancel a transaction without penalty or obligation.


If the peddler does not have a Town license, you can ask him/her to leave the premises.  You can also call 911 and report that an unlicensed peddler came to your door.  The Monroe County Sheriff or Fairport Village Police Department will respond to your complaint.


Peddlers may not enter your property before 9 a.m. or after 9 p.m.  They may not approach any place displaying a “No Peddling or Soliciting” sign, make loud or disruptive noises, interfere with the flow of traffic, litter or create a public nuisance.  Should this occur, call 911 with your complaint.


Licenses can be denied to anyone deemed unfit or undesirable and can be revoked if the peddler is conducting business in an unlawful manner or in such a manner as to be considered a public nuisance or a menace to the general welfare of the public.


A listing of Peddlers' Permits issued in the Town of Perinton appears on the Town website here.


For concerns/questions about the Town ordinance, call the Perinton Town Clerk at (585) 223-0770; for Village ordinance questions/concerns, call the Village Clerk at (585) 223-0313.