Docks in Bushnell's Basin likely to re-open later in summer

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Thursday, June 28, 2018 - 2:56pm

The Town of Perinton and a local dock manufacturing company are working together to have the damaged boating docks at Bushnell’s Basin back in the Erie Canal later this summer.

Dock Hardware, which specializes in floating dock systems, is currently working on the necessary structural repairs to the damaged docks.

The docks were removed from the Canal on June 7 so an engineer could inspect the damage.

The docks were damaged over the winter when ice formed in the Canal before the water could be drained. When the water level was finally lowered, the weight of the ice tore the connections between the docks apart, making them unsafe to use. The weight of the ice that had formed around the entire docks structure was no longer supported by the water level underneath, breaking the connections between the dock sections, and the connections to the land - known as dead-men anchors. The sanitary pump-out lines, water supply lines, and electrical conduit connections below the decking of the docks were also damaged.

The damaged docks were noticed by local residents and business owners, Dick and Karen Steamer. They immediately informed the town of the issue and a crew was dispatched to the assess the problem. The docks were immediately closed.

According to Perinton’s Assistant Commissioner of Public Works, Eric Williams, Dock Hardware is confident that all of the damage can be repaired and upgrades made to the structural components of the docks to help prevent this type of failure from happening in the future. Based on initial estimates, we anticipate that the docks could re-open later this summer.