Snow and Ice Operations

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Highway and Road Salting — Our Highway Department follows the “Sensible Salting Guidelines” established by the County of Monroe, in conjunction with the Environmental Management Council. This policy requires us to use only enough salt to make our highways safe for motorists, but requires you to reduce your driving speed according to conditions.

Plowing — The Town of Perinton maintains 22 plow routes. It may take three to four hours to complete a typical plow route. Accumulations will occur during this time, we ask that residents please be patient.

Roads within Town are prioritized and treated and plowed in the following order: Primary (main-line roads), Secondary roads, Town subdivision roads & cul-de-sacs

Please remember that the Town is not responsible for removing the windrow created by plowing past your driveway, and is not responsible for the snow that accumulates around your mailbox.

All snow plows angle the same way, to the drivers’ right, and plowing snow will get pushed into the ends of the driveways. The only way to avoid extra shoveling is to wait until the Town crews have gone by and/or have done their final clean-up on the street.

Objects in the street are the biggest deterrent to efficient plowing operations. Remove all basketball backboards and other items from the Town right-of-way. Please do not place garbage cans and recycling containers in the street.

Be aware snowplows will on occasion backup at intersections.

Never pass a snowplow.

Never assume the snowplow drivers can see you. Stay at least three (3) car lengths behind the truck. If you cannot see the driver in his mirrors, he cannot see you either.

Consider shoveling around any fire hydrant in your neighborhood to clear it of snow.

The Town will place snow markers at critical locations. Please feel free to add additional markers as necessary.

Driveway Clearing — Driveway maintenance is the property owner’s responsibility. When clearing your driveway of snow, please keep it on your own property. Any snow pushed, blown or plowed onto any street is a ticketable offense under both NYS Vehicle and Traffic Law and NYS Penal Law. If your driveway is plowed by a private contractor, both you (as the property owner) and the plow operator may be ticketed. Snow should be pushed to the left side of your driveway (as you are facing your house) so that when Town snowplows go past your house, it will minimize the amount of snow going back into your driveway.

Mailboxes — It is the Town’s policy to repair mailboxes that are damaged by Town plows during snow plowing operations or to replace them with a standard metal mailbox and post. Since there is no legal authority that grants an owner the right to place a mailbox along a public road right-of-way, our repairs and replacements are done as a courtesy. A one-piece plastic post/box combinations or any type of custom mailboxes will be replaced with our standard post and box. If you have an expensive and/or decorative mailbox and/or post, it may be worth considering the option of storing it for the winter and replacing it with an inexpensive assembly.

Winter Parking — In order to facilitate snow removal and to eliminate potential hazards, the parking of vehicles on all highways, shoulders, or within three feet of the pavement within the Town, is prohibited November 1 to April 1 between the hours of 2:00 and 7:00 a.m. Vehicles in violation of this ordinance are subject to a parking ticket. Repeat violators or vehicles that prevent plowing of a street will be towed and the vehicle’s owner will be responsible for all towing and storage charges.