What's New with Leaf Pickup

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UPDATE: January 3, 2019

The Town has completed seven (7) leaf collection passes as of January 2, 2019. We will continue leaf collection as long as the weather permits; however, we will not be updating the leaf collection map.

Small leaf piles MUST be placed in reusable, waterproof containers for collection on normal trash days.

Questions? Feel free to call the Perinton DPW at 223-5115.


Fall is here and soon our yards will be covered with leaves. Which brings me to a few timely reminders… Each year beginning in October, the Town of Perinton provides a valuable recycling service to its residents - the collection of loose or bulk leaves along with our on-going yard debris collection program.

During the Leaf Collection season, Town crews will be in your neighborhood approximately every three to four weeks to remove loose leaf piles from the edge of roadways. Town crews will also continue to pick up yard debris (including containerized leaves) every week as long as this material is placed in a garbage can and separated from your loose leaf piles.  We cannot accept leaves in plastic or paper bags because all the leaves we collect are composted and neither of these materials bio-degrades sufficiently to be allowed in the compost. 

To help us collect your leaves as quickly as possible, please:

  • Place loose leaf piles at the edge of the road but not in it. Leaves in the road can become a traffic hazard, especially in windy or rainy weather, and can clog storm water drains, which could cause roadway flooding.
  • Separate all sticks, brush, garden clippings and other yard debris into reusable containers or garbage cans. This allows recycling of all materials and helps avoid damage to our leaf collection equipment.
  • Don’t pile leaves around fire hydrants. Covering hydrants can prevent firefighters from finding them when every second counts. Hidden hydrants are also dangerous for those picking up the leaves as they may be struck, causing damage to equipment.

We will continue using our “We’re Coming Soon” signs, which will be placed at entrances to subdivisions a few days before we anticipate collecting leaves in your neighborhood. This will give residents an opportunity to rake before we arrive and eliminate the frustration of just missing us.  Please keep in mind that you can also refer to our Leaf Collection Map on the town’s website, which we update regularly to show where our crews are currently working and when they’ll be in your neighborhood.  Please keep in mind that we pick up leaves approximately every three to four weeks but that can be longer during the peak of the season.

I also want to stress the issue of safety as it relates to the placement of leaf piles.  As you know, many children enjoy jumping and playing in leaf piles. It is not unheard of for a motorist to drive through a leaf pile placed in the road to avoid an oncoming vehicle.  The potential for disaster is very real.  Please place your leaves just behind the curb or gutter at the edge of your property.  This is not only for safety, but also to keep leaves out of the storm drainage system.