What's New With the Highway and Sewer Departments

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The Highway Department construction season is in full swing. This year’s road program includes nearly 6 miles of rehabilitation (milling and resurfacing), 21 miles of surface treatment (chip seal) and 50 miles of maintenance (crack filling). The work also includes replacement of 150 drainage inlets and hundreds of feet of gutter along with relining of several hundred feet of storm sewer. We have mailed letters to affected residents on the roads scheduled for construction.  Information is also available on the Town’s website. We’re also posting orange “construction ahead” signs at the entrances to affected neighborhoods and at the beginning of the construction work zones. Please slow down and use caution as you approach. Work zone safety is our No. 1 concern during the construction season. The most dangerous job in a work zone is that of the flag person. Driver distractions result in more injuries and deaths in a work zone than any other factor. We understand construction activities are disruptive and we do our best to minimize impacts to residents. However, you will likely encounter some brief traffic delays. We make every effort to minimize any inconveniences and get you on your way in a timely manner. Investing in our local roads keeps them safe, functional and enhances our overall community. We appreciate your patience and cooperation and thank you in advance for your understanding. Please note the Town is responsible for nearly 335 lane miles of roads in Perinton. There are an additional 70 lane miles of County roads and 63 lane miles of State roads in the Town.  You can contact the Town Highway Department at (585) 223-5115, the Monroe County Department of Transportation at (585) 753-7750 and the New York State Department of Transportation at (585) 586-4514 with any questions you may have.


SEWER DEPARTMENT – Frequently Asked Questions


The Sewer Department operates and maintains nearly 210 miles of sanitary sewer mains and 29 pump stations, which serve nearly 19,000 residential and commercial/industrial properties within the Town’s Consolidated Sanitary Sewer District.


Is my property connected to the public sanitary sewer?

Not all properties in the Town have access to sanitary sewers. Where sanitary sewers are available, not all properties are connected. The best way to check if your property is or can be connected to the sanitary sewer system is to call the Sewer Department at (585) 223-5115.


What do I need to do to connect my property if it’s not already connected?

If sanitary sewer is available and you wish to connect to it, you will need to contract with a local plumbing contractor perform the work. A Town building permit is required prior to connecting. Please contact the Code Enforcement and Development Department for more information at (585) 223-0770.


Who do I call for information regarding my individual septic system?

The Town of Perinton does not maintain septic system records. Please contact the Monroe County Health Department at (585) 753-5050 for information about individual septic systems.


Who do I call if I an having trouble with my sanitary sewer (Ex., sewage backup into my house)? 

 Call the Sewer Department at (585) 223-5115 (normal business hours) or the Town’s Emergency Answering Service at (585) 425-7360 (after hours and weekends). Our Crews are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week for sewer related emergencies.


How do I find the location of the sanitary sewer lateral pipe that serves my home and property?

Contact the Sewer Department at (585) 223-5115. The Town maintains maps and records that provide general information on the type and location of these pipes that serve your property.


Is the sanitary sewer system different from the storm sewer system?

Yes. Sanitary sewers convey wastewater from homes and businesses to water resource recovery facilities for treatment before discharging into the environment. Town sewage is conveyed to and treated at Monroe County Pure Waters’ Frank E. Van Lare Facility before it’s discharged to Lake Ontario. Storm sewers convey rainwater and runoff from roads, gutters, drainage inlets, ponds and swales to natural drainage ways and water bodies in the Town.


Can my sump pump be connected to my sanitary sewer lateral pipe?

No, ground water must be discharged to the storm sewer system through a separate storm sewer lateral pipe.


Who do I call if I am having trouble with my storm sewer, (Ex., basement flooding in my home)?

Call the Sewer Department at (585) 223-5115 (normal business hours) or the Town’s Emergency Answering Service at (585) 425-7360 (after hours and weekends), same as for sanitary sewers.


Does the Town locate underground utilities?

Yes, the Town works in conjunction with Dig Safely New York to locate Town sewers and utilities prior to any excavating. New York State law requires municipalities, utility companies, contractors and homeowners to call Dig Safely at 811 or (800) 962-7962 before excavating.


Who do I call if there is roadway flooding?

Call the Highway Department at (585) 223-5115 (normal business hours) or the Town’s Emergency Answering Service at (585) 425-7360 (after hours and weekends), same as for sanitary or storm sewers.