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Court FAQs

Where is Perinton Town Court located? 
The court is located at Perinton Town Hall, 1350 Turk Hill Road, Fairport NY 14450

How can I pay?

Acceptable forms of payment are: cash, money order, certified bank check and credit card. Credit card payments must be made in person at the court and are subject to a 2.99% processing fee.

Does Perinton Town Court take partial payments?


I have a traffic ticket. Is there a prosecutor or  Assistant District Attorney that will be in court and I can speak with?

There is an Assistant  District Attorney (“ADA”) who will be in court, but not on the day that is written on your ticket. If you want to speak with an ADA about your ticket, you should complete the back of the ticket and enter a plea of “not guilty” and return the ticket to the Perinton Town Court, 1350 Turk Hill Rd., Fairport, NY  14450. When your plea of not guilty is received by the Court, the date on the ticket will be adjourned and you will be notified of your new court date. When you appear on that  new court date, you will have the opportunity to speak with the ADA about your ticket. The ADA may offer one of the following dispositions and recommendations to the Court:    
may offer to reduce the charge against you, subject to the Court’s approval;
may not offer to reduce the charge;
may offer to dismiss the charge, subject to the Court’s approval;    
On the day you speak with the ADA, you will thereafter appear before a Judge. You will have an opportunity at that time to accept one of the above dispositions, if offered, or have a trial before the Judge assigned to your case. If you want a trial, you will be given a new date for the trial.

How to file a Small Claim in Perinton Town Court?

Call Perinton Town Court at (585) 223-0770

I am a Landlord and want to evict a tenant without using an attorney. How to do I do this?

Call Perinton Town Court at (585) 223-0770

How do I get an Order of Protection?

Perinton Town Court only has jurisdiction to issue an Order of Protection once a Criminal Complaint has been filed with a police agency.

I have a traffic ticket. Do I need an attorney? 

The decision of whether to hire attorney is a personal decision for you to make and depends on the nature of the charge, the circumstances surrounding your ticket and perhaps your driving record.  If your license is in jeopardy as a result of past infractions and the accumulation of points on your license, or if an accident was involved, you are advised to at least consult an attorney. If you are charged with a criminal offense (a misdemeanor or felony) the Court will require you to have an attorney.