Town, County, and State Road Projects

Town Roadwork and Road Projects

Road construction season has officially wrapped up. Click here for a summary of completed 2023 road work. Your continued patience is valued, and we look forward to making the Town even better! Be sure to stay tuned for updates in spring 2024 as we gear up for another season of enhancements!

About the Surface Treatment/Chip Seal Program:

Each year the Town resurfaces over 60 roads using a surface treatment referred to as Chip Seal. This is a cost-effective, durable and long-lasting protective coating over the top of the existing asphalt pavement. This treatment is similar to a heavy-duty driveway sealer and is an important part of our annual road program, as it extends the life of the pavement for several years before it needs to be rehabilitated and/or reconstructed.

The treatment process involves applying a layer of asphalt to the road followed by a layer of stone aggregate rolled into the fresh asphalt to create a new driving surface, which can be driven on immediately. After a few days, any loose stone is removed with our sweeping equipment. Approximately 1 to 3 weeks after the chip seal, a treatment known as “fog seal” is applied over the new road; this treatment further seals the road, helps lock the stone in place and creates an aesthetically pleasing finished product.  

The Town makes every effort to minimize inconveniences to our residents; however, delays should be expected.  Please note the Town ensures access for emergency vehicles. Investing in our local roads keeps them safe, functional and enhances our overall community.  Please feel free to contact the DPW office at (585) 223-5115 with any questions or concerns regarding this information.

About the Road Rehabilitation Program:

The Town’s Road Rehabilitation construction activities typically involve replacement of deteriorated and/or damaged drainage inlets and concrete gutters, milling (grinding) and removal of failing asphalt pavement and installation of new pavement. The following is a explanation of the rehabilitation process:

  • Phase I – Repair Drainage Inlets – This phase entails replacement of the drainage inlets and additional drainage work as needed.
  • Phase II – Repair of Damaged Concrete Gutters: This phase includes the removal and replacement of deteriorated sections of gutter. The replacement of gutters at the end of driveways requires removing and replacing a small section of the driveway apron. A clean edge is saw-cut and any disturbed asphalt is replaced with new pavement to ensure a professional and long-lasting repair. Any mailboxes in the work area will be removed and reinstalled and any lawn that has been disturbed will be restored with new topsoil and seed. This part of the project is overseen by the Town to ensure that it meets our high standards. The concrete may NOT be driven on for three (3) days, it allow it to cure properly, requiring those affected to make alternative parking arrangements. The contractor will notify affected residents the day before work begins.
  • Phase III – Road Milling: During this phase, several inches of existing asphalt pavement are milled and removed, with the remaining base pavement being spot-repaired. Manhole casting (frames and covers) will be adjusted as/if necessary to meet the new completed pavement height. Until the new pavement is installed, you may drive on the milled surface.
  • Phase IV – Road Paving: In the final phase, Town staff installs new layer(s) of asphalt pavement on the road. Access to some driveways may be restricted up to 30 minutes while work occurs in the area. The Town will confirm the paving schedule with affected residents the day before work is to begin.

Monroe County Roadwork

For information on Monroe County Roadwork in the Town of Perinton, check their website at:

New York State Roadwork

For information on New York State Roadwork in the Town of Perinton, check their website at:  

Lane reduction along State Route 31 over I-490: NYS DOT closed the right lane for eastbound traffic along State Route 31 over Interstate 490 to accommodate bridge repair work. This lane configuration and associated work comes following a recent inspection of the bridge. The lane reduction is slated to be in place for about one month. Motorists utilizing the ramp connecting I-490 eastbound to State Route 31 eastbound will need to follow the temporary signage directing them to yield to traffic before entering State 31.