Storm Sewer System and Drainage

Storm Sewer System        

Under the direction of the Commissioner of Public Works, the Sewer Department operates approximately 200 miles of public storm sewers, 3,700 storm sewer manholes, and 5,100 drainage inlets or catch basins, which serve residential and commercial areas/properties alike. Perinton’s storm sewer system collects stormwater run-off that is generated by rainfall or snowmelt that occurs within a watershed.  In urban areas like Perinton, rain that falls on or snow that melts from the roof of your house, or collects on paved areas like driveways, roads, parking lots and sidewalks is carried away or conveyed through a system of drainage pipes, manholes, and inlets called a storm sewer system.  The storm sewer system is separate from the sanitary sewer system in that the collected stormwater is not treated. In some cases it may be filtered through a stormwater management pond; however, in other cases, it flows directly from local neighborhoods into nearby streams, and wetlands, or larger embayment areas, and lakes.


Stormwater that is not collected in the storm sewer system is collected by a diverse and elaborate network of swales, streams, and channels that capture and convey surface water run-off draining from properties throughout Town.  Included in Perinton’s drainage network are stormwater management facilities or ponds. Stormwater ponds are bodies of water in commercial or residential neighborhoods that store stormwater run-off. These ponds improve water quality and control water quantity by reducing pollution and preventing downstream flooding. The Town of Perinton owns, operates, and maintains in excess of 150 stormwater management facilities/ponds, including wet ponds, dry ponds, wetland ponds, infiltration basins, bio-retention areas, drywells, etc.

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