Design Criteria and Construction Specifications & Details

Design Criteria and Construction Specifications serve as a guide for, and a control over, the development of property within the Town of Perinton. Design Criteria and Construction Specifications assure proper design and construction of facilities will be turned over to the Town for ownership and perpetual maintenance. They also assure proper design and construction of private facilities that affect the health and general welfare of the community as preventing the overall depreciation of property values.  Furthermore, these specifications assure that development is compatible with the long-range Town development plans.  It is recommended that developers and their engineers follow those guidelines for their own benefit in expediting approvals.

– Sequence of Procedures for Development


-Areas of Responsibility

-General Development

-Financial Guarantees

– Miscellaneous Considerations

– Easements

– Materials

– Street Design and Improvements – Storm Drainage

– Storm Water Management Facilities

– Erosion and Sediment Control

– Conduit and Manhole Design

– House and Lot Storm Drainage

– Sanitary Sewage Facilities

– Sanitary Pump Stations

– Water Supply

– Site Lighting

– General Considerations

– DPW Construction Inspection

– General Grading

– Clearing

– Restoration and Related Work

– Trees/Planting

– Roads & Streets

Concrete Gutters & Sidewalks

– Catch Basins,

– Manholes

– General Sewer Considerations

– Storm Sewer Main and Culverts

– Sanitary Sewer Main

– Testing Sewer Mains

– Laterals: General Considerations & Inspections

– Storm Laterals & Down Spout Conductors

– Sanitary Laterals

– Individual Lot Requirements

– Graphic illustrations and standard construction details to support the basic material in the Design Criteria and Construction divisions.

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Contact Information

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Town Engineer

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Director of Planning