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Crescent Trail

The Crescent Trail System and Map

Crescent Trail

The Crescent Trail is a system of footpaths within the Town of Perinton suitable for uses such as hiking, cross-country running, snowshoeing, nature study, and photography.  Approximately thirty-five miles of footpaths provide public access to wooded hills, Town parklands, scenic overlooks, the margins of wetlands, and other preserved open spaces. The Trail connects with the Erie Canal Heritage Trail and the RS&E Trolley Trail.

Most sections of the Crescent Trail are single-lane dirt pathways. A continuous, orange-blazed main trail is nearly completed – planned as a crescent-shaped route between the southwest and northeast quadrants of Perinton. Additional branch trails, loop trails, connecting paths, and access paths allow self-guided walks of up to two hours. Longer, half-day or day-long outings can be enjoyed as point to point hikes or by using connections with the Trolley Trail or Canal Trail. 

Many sections of the Crescent Trail are on private land. The continued use of the Trail and the opening of new sections depend upon users obeying posted signs and respecting the rights of property owners. If you see trash on the Trail during your hike, please pick it up and carry it out, to help keep our trailways clean! Motorized and wheeled vehicles, including bicycles, are not permitted on the Crescent Trail. 

For an overview of the Crescent Trail system, click on the overlapping South and East sections of the Crescent Trail map. Hard copies of the map are available for purchase, at $2 each, at the Perinton Town Hall and Community Center. The map was prepared and is provided by the Crescent Trail Association – a nonprofit organization of volunteers who help plan, develop, and maintain the Crescent Trail footpaths. Monetary donations to the Association and payment of annual dues by members are charitable contributions and are the principal source of funds for all Association programs and activities, for example, to pay for tools and equipment, trail construction materials, printing and mailing of newsletters, preparation of trail signs and maps, and other expenses. 

Crescent Trail Contact Information

1) View the Crescent Trail Hiking Association Facebook page. / View the Crescent Trail Hiking Association website.

2) Call the CTHA voice mailbox at (585) 678-1769 to leave a message or listen to a recording of the upcoming monthly hike. Click here for the current schedule.

3) Email: crescenttrail@gmail.com

The South Section of the Crescent Trail system features:

  • A continuous, eleven-mile segment of the orange-blazed main trail between the historic hamlets of Bushnell’s Basin and Egypt.
  • A flat segment along the south bank of the Erie Canal, and Marsh Road bridge link to the Erie Canal Heritage Trail.
  • The Irondo-Genesee Buried Valley  ̶  pre-glacial route of the Genesee River.
  • Rugged footpaths traversing the wooded glacial hills and valleys of south Perinton.   Climb up the south Perinton kame-moraine complex.
  • Trails within the parklands of Powder Mills Park, and the main Crescent Trail connection between Kreag Road Park, McCoord Woods, the Horizon Hill Conservation Area, Woodcliff, and the Indian Hill and Thayer Hill Recreation Areas.
  • Spectacular views from the summits of Horizon Hill (825′), Indian Hill (7l4′), and Thayer Hill (714′).
  • Oak-hickory forest and wild turkey habitat.
  • Abandoned farm and lumber roads, and active bridle paths.
  • Access to and from the residential neighborhoods of Meadowgate, McCoord Woods, Woodcliff, The Midlands, Vinecrest, and Beaumont.

The East Section of the Crescent Trail system features:

  • A continuous, four-mile segment of the orange-blazed main trail between the hamlet of Egypt, the RS&E Trolley Trail, the White Brook Nature Area,  and the Erie Canal Heritage Trail (at Lyndon Road bridge).  Additional segments of the main trail extend north of the canal and will link with other trails at High Acres and Howell Road Park.
  • Cattail marsh wetlands, ponds, forested swamps and wet meadows at Mason Valley and the White Brook basin – rich in their diversity of plant, bird and animal life.
  • A four-mile branch trail along the south bank of the Erie Canal between Turk Hill Road and the Monroe-Wayne County line.
  • Linkage with the RS&E Trolley Trail , connecting the Crescent Trail system with Egypt Park, Lollypop Farm, Perinton Center Park, and the Perinton Community Center, aquatics center and outdoor amphitheater.   A new pedestrian-bike bridge being constructed across the canal east of Turk Hill Road will provide an additional link between the Crescent Trail, RS&E Trolley Trail, and Erie Canal Heritage Trail.

Hiking guidelines for all trailways in Perinton:

  • No motorized vehicles
  • No litter, dumping, fires or camping
  • Protect trees, plants and crops
  • Hike at your own risk
  • Stay on the trail

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