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Hart’s Woods Trail

Hart’s Woods is located near Moseley Road, in the northwest quadrant of Perinton, and is accessed from Clarkes Crossing to the south, or from the Minerva DeLand School property to the north. Hart’s Woods has been recognized as a unique setting and is registered as a National Natural Landmark. Though small at 10 acres, it is a rare undeveloped remnant Beech-Maple-Oak forest, with 80-90 foot canopy and some individual trees of 2 feet DBH and 250 years of age.  Herbaceous understory vegetation is reportedly recovering since the addition in 2012 of a new official trail system. The site is mainly used by nearby residents and by the neighboring Minerva DeLand School.

Please remember when you are hiking the trails that many trails pass through private property. Please be respectful and stay on the trail path, don’t ride bikes and keep your pets on a lease and pick up after them. The trails are maintained for everyone to enjoy. Please be respectful of your neighbors and fellow hikers.

 Amenities include:

  • Hiking/Trails
  • Nature Area

Crescent Trial East Section Map

Crescent Trail South Section Map