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McCoord Hannan Woods Trail

McCoord Hannan Woods is located between Garnsey and Kreag Roads in the southwest quadrant of Perinton. It consists of 29.2 acres, which includes some of the steepest terrain in Perinton. Similar to Indian Hill and Horizon Hill, McCoord Hannan Woods is well-known by hikers in Perinton and surrounding communities. Access points for the trails in McCoord Woods are mainly located on private property and are open to hikers based on local homeowner’s permission.

Please remember when you are hiking the trails that many trails pass through private property. Please be respectful and stay on the trail path, don’t ride bikes and keep your pets on a lease and pick up after them. The trails are maintained for everyone to enjoy. Please be respectful of your neighbors and fellow hikers.

Amenities include:

  • Hiking/Trails
  • Nature Area

Crescent Trail East Section map

Crescent Trail South Section map