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Peddling, Vending & Soliciting Licenses

The Town of Perinton Peddling and Soliciting Policy is governed by Chapter 163 of the Town Code, known as the “Peddling, Vending and Soliciting Law in the Town of Perinton.”  The purpose is to regulate soliciting in order that Town residents are not unduly disturbed.  A Peddlers License (Permit) is required for any person who engages in merchandising any goods, wares, or services or solicits contributions of goods or money by going from house to house or temporarily occupying a building or premises for these purposes.

Nonprofit organizations and persons working for such organizations are exempt provided that such organizations register at least once every 12 months with the Town Clerk.  

For a list of individuals & companies that currently hold a Peddlers Permit or are exempt from permits click below:

There are no permits for 2024.

Applying for a Peddlers Permit:
  • To obtain a Peddlers Permit, individuals or business owners must submit a completed signed Application to the Town Clerk’s Office for each person or employee that will be engaging in peddling or soliciting
  • Applicants must include with the signed application, valid identification, one 2×2” picture and all required business and contact information for each individual
  • When a complete application is received by the Town Clerk it is forwarded to the relevant law enforcement agency and a background review of the individual is requested (The background review process is estimated to take between two and three weeks but may vary, the Town Clerk has no control over the background review process)
  • When the background review report is received, the information will be reviewed by the Clerk who will determine whether or not to authorize the issuance of the permit/license
  • The Town Clerk may refuse a permit/license to applicants in accordance with the terms set forth in Chapter 163-7B of the Perinton Town Code
  • If approved, the applicant will be notified and required to pay the applicable fee
  • After payment is received, the permit can either be mailed or picked up at the Clerk’s office

  • The annual fee for a Peddlers Permit is $250.
  • The annual fee for each additional Peddlers Permit issued to the same entity or company is $100.

 Additional information can be obtained by calling the Clerk’s office at 585.223.0770