Tax Office

The Town of Perinton Tax receiver is responsible for collecting taxes twice a year within the Town of Perinton. The Receiver collects for Town and County taxes, as well as School taxes for Fairport, East Rochester, Penfield, Pittsford and Victor School District properties that lie within the Town limits. The Tax Office is also responsible for assisting in all questions and requests regarding tax information.

Important Tax Information

OFFICE HOURS: 9 a.m.-5 p.m. Monday – Friday
PHONE:  (585) 223-0770


  • Town & County Taxes:  Due February 10.
    Town & County tax bills are mailed on the last business day of December each year.
  • School Taxes:  Due October 1.
    School tax bills are mailed on the last business day of August each year.
  • Village Taxes:  Due  July 1. (Residents located in the village ONLY)
    Village tax bills are mailed out the last business day of May each year. (Village tax payments should be made at the Village Hall located at 31 South Main Street, Fairport, NY 14450)

*Any time a DUE DATE falls on a day in which the Town Offices are closed, or if the Post Office is closed, payments will be accepted on the NEXT BUSINESS DAY without penalty or additional interest due.

ALL NON-ESCROW HOMEOWNERS: If for any reason you DO NOT receive your tax bills within the first week of mailing, please visit the Monroe County website mentioned above or contact the Tax Office at (585) 223-0770 for a copy.


According to the Real Property Tax Law §922, the failure to mail any statement or the failure of the owner of property to receive the statement does not in any way affect the validity of the taxes or interest prescribed by law. 
The Town Tax Office is by law unable to forgive penalties under any circumstance.


  • Online Bank Payments: Banks discourage the use of online banking for tax payments because the bank WILL NOT guarantee your payment will be delivered to our office by the due date.  Online bank checks arrive in our office with no U.S. Postmark so we must use the date the payment arrives in the office.  If mail is lost or delayed by the Post Office, you will be responsible for any accrued interest.
  • Payment by Mail: The Town of Perinton honors the U.S. Postmark date as the official date of any payment that is mailed. Any payments Postmarked on the DUE DATE will be considered ON TIME and will be used to determine the date of payment and the amount of interest due with that payment. Real property tax payments delivered by the U.S. Postal Service after the due date that do not contain an official U.S. Postmark but rather contain a postage meter mark are not considered timely. It is strongly suggested, if payment is mailed on the due date, go into the Post Office and have the date HAND STAMPED by a Postal Employee.
  • Acceptable forms of payment are: Cash, Personal Check, Certified or Cashier’s Check, Money Order.
  • Payment by Check:  Checks should be made payable to Debbie D. Brown, Receiver of Taxes.  Please include your property address and phone number on the check in case we need to contact you with a question or concern.
  • Payment by Credit Card: You may pay with a credit card by going online to A fee equaling 2.75% of the total amount paid for any transactions greater than $100 will be charged by the credit card company when paying by credit or debit card. Payments of $100 of less will be charged $2.75. 
  • Payment by electronic check: Available via internet at  A sliding scale fee is charged based on the amount of payment.

Tax information and copies of tax bills can be found on the Monroe County website at


  1. Go to the Monroe County home page by clicking the above link
  2. Agree to the Real Property Portal disclaimer by selecting I Agree
  3. Enter your house number & street name (select from pulldown menu if similar addresses appear), click on Search; your property will appear on new screen w/aerial view.
  4. Select Pay Property Taxes (green icon, upper right) to view property tax information

From here, you can view or print tax info (select from the 4 icons at top of page): 

  1. School Tax Statement – most current school tax bill (same as mailed bill)
  2. Combined Town/County Tax Statement – most current Town/Cty tax bill (same as mailed bill)
  3. Duplicate School Statement – indicates payments & current balance
  4. Duplicate Combined Statement – indicates payments & current balance

Also, from here you can click on Payment History, Pay Taxes or other icons at bottom of screen! 

Tax Drop Box (Located out front of the Town Hall)

We understand that life is hectic and making your tax payment during normal Town hours is not always a possibility.  By installing the tax drop box, residents will now have the option to drop off their payments before or after Town business hours and even on weekends. 

Some important things to remember when using the drop box:

  • Payment must be made with a check – NO CASH ALLOWED
  • Place check and two-page bill OR corresponding installment stub in envelope and insert in the drop box (please adhere to all deadlines and interest)
  • All payments will be stamped with the following business day’s date (with the exception to due dates)
  • All out of balance payments will be returned
  • A paid tax receipt will be mailed once payments have been received and posted

Contact Information

Email: Tax Receiver
Deb Brown

Debbie D. Brown

Tax Receiver

(585) 223-0770