Sustainability Advisory Board

Town Supervisor Ciaran Hanna and the Perinton Town Board recently announced the creation of a new Sustainability Advisory Board in the Town of Perinton. The Sustainability Advisory Board is a seven-member volunteer board, and the Town is now accepting applications from Perinton residents.

The Sustainability Advisory Board will be tasked with evaluating current and future opportunities to implement sustainable best practices in Town operations. They will also help identify community issues and concerns and develop potential strategies, proposals, plans, or solutions and serve in an advisory capacity to the Town Supervisor and Town Board as well as Town Departments, committees, and volunteer boards. Their goal will be to preserve Perinton’s natural resources by reducing the Town’s ecological footprint while identifying operational efficiencies to produce cost savings for local taxpayers.

Perinton’s Sustainability Advisory Board will focus its attention on several key action areas, including Facilities and Infrastructure; Fleet; Energy; Resources Recovery; Natural Resources; and Education and Outreach. They will also work to secure grants that may contribute to the reuse and preservation of sustainable infrastructure in the community. Furthermore, the board will support the sustainable and green infrastructure measures of the Town’s Comprehensive Plan Update. The Plan, currently in draft form, identified several focus areas such as protecting open spaces and natural resources, supporting the farming and agricultural industry, and embracing local renewable energy sources and alternative energy systems within the Town.

The seven-member board will be complemented by ex-officio members, such as representatives from the Planning Board, Conservation Board, Recreation and Parks Department, and Public Works. Perinton’s Sustainability Advisory Board was established by local law and is detailed in Chapter 61 of the Town Code.