Lost Pet – Cat

Date Submitted: 06/17/24
Lost or Found: Lost
Pet Type: Cat
Gender: Female
Notes/Comments: Small black cat, goes by Ninja or Baby Cat. She got out yesterday afternoon and was last seen on our ring camera at 4:54am this morning. She’s often hiding so we didn’t know she was gone until this morning. She will often sit with her tongue peeking out of her mouth. She has very round green/yellow eyes. She does not have a collar on.
Date went missing: 2024-06-16
Date found:
Location went missing: 102 Bent Oak Trl, Fairport
Location found:
Breed: DSH
Approximate Weight: 7lbs
Approximate Age: 3
Colors/Markings: Black
Pet Name: Ninja
Tattoo/ID/Microchip: Microchip
Municipal License Number:
Collar Color:
Tag ID Info: