Power Outage Information

December 6, 2021

Tips for residents when a power outage occurs:

➡ If traffic signals are not working to treat the intersection as a four-way stop.

➡ If your garbage and recycling will be picked up tomorrow morning, please consider waiting until the morning to place your bins at the curb (before 6 AM).

➡ If your power goes out, contact your provider first. If you have RG&E, call 1-800-743-2110. If you have Fairport Electric, call (585) 223-9500.

➡ Track and report RG&E outages by going to rge.com.

➡ Track Fairport Electric outages through the Village of Fairport Facebook and Twitter pages.

➡ Please do not call 911 unless the power outage has caused a life-threatening event.

➡ Do not touch downed power lines.

➡ If using a generator, be sure to operate it outdoors and have it ventilated safely outdoors to avoid carbon monoxide poisoning.

➡ Check on elderly friends, family, and neighbors.

➡ Have emergency supplies ready: food, water, flashlights, firewood, and medication.

➡ If you rely on electricity to operate medical equipment, make alternative arrangements.

➡ Do not leave candles unattended.

➡ Bring pets inside.

➡ Secure garbage totes, patio furniture, and outdoor items.

View the RG&E outage map for the latest updates.