Perinton Rec & Parks honored by GVRPS

November 19, 2021

The Perinton Recreation and Parks Department took home major awards at the annual Genesee Valley Recreation and Park Society Conference Friday.

The 55+ Curbside Lunch program was honored as the Program of Merit, Perinton’s relationship with Airquip Heating and Air Conditioning was honored as the Outstanding Corporate Partnership and a Perinton employee was the recipient of the Dr. Christine Z. Howe Memorial Scholarship.

The Curbside Lunch program was started in June 2020 in hopes of helping seniors during the pandemic. Seniors could order over the phone or online and pick up their meal in the Perinton Community Center loop without ever getting out of their car.

Since then, the program – headed by 55+ Director Kelly Attridge and Chef Preston Bennett – has averaged more than 109 meals 3 to 4 days a week and more than 125 a day in the past two months. On Wednesday, November 17, the program served its 30,000th lunch.

“Transitioning our regular senior lunch to a curbside option during the pandemic took this program to the next level,” said Recreation Director Jeff Nutting. “We continue to be amazed at the amount of lunches served each week and plan on this program continuing for years to come.”

Bennett isn’t just serving grilled cheese sandwiches and chips every day. This week alone he served pork chops, Salisbury steak, chicken pot pie and spaghetti and meatballs. That doesn’t include the weekly special salads and soups.

“I knew this program could get to this level,” Bennett said. “I didn’t think it would take a pandemic to make us realize our potential, but everyone has stepped up and really produced great food. We just keep getting better. I am just proud of everyone involved.”

Airquip has been a strong supporting sponsor with Perinton Rec & Parks since 2013 when it became a sponsor of the Center Stage Concert Series. It has also sponsored the annual Mighty Machine Mania event.

In 2019, two advertisers were added the back cover of the quarterly Rec & Parks Brochure. Airquip has sponsored an ad for every brochure since.

Not only has Airquip sponsored events, but they have enhanced the experience by bringing lawn games, giveaways and holding raffles.

“Airquip understands the benefits of sponsoring recreation and parks events,” Nutting said. “They realize it is an excellent opportunity for branding and exposure to the community. We are grateful for their support.”

Phillip Young, President of Airquip Heating and Air Conditioning said, “We are proud to partner with Perinton Recreation and Parks, they do amazing work! We’re happy to support them in bringing wonderful programs and events to our community.”

Linsey Reardon, Summer Camp Counselor, was honored with the Dr. Christine Z. How Memorial Scholarship by GVRPS. She is a Recreation and Leisure Management student at The College at Brockport.