Parks & DPW Work Together to Complete Spring Lake Park Improvements

The spirit of collaboration is strong here in Perinton! Improvements recently completed at Spring Lake Park are a result of the cooperation between our Parks Department and Department of Public Works (DPW).

Town Supervisor Ciaran Hanna, and Town Board members Peg Havens, Seana Sartori, David Belaskas, and Meredith Stockman-Broadbent joined Parks and DPW staff to mark the reopening of the park after a brief closure for necessary improvements.

While you can see the new and improved pavement and grading, there was a lot of work that happened underground – drainage improvements and storm sewer repairs, as well as new storm sewer installation for the parking areas.

We are fortunate to have the knowledge and expertise needed to complete this project in-house. Dillon Dayton in the Parks Department was on site every day to help with project coordination and he devised a plan for an improved parking layout. John Casella and David Van Thof from the Department of Public Works were the foremen in charge of completing this project in a short span of time.

This project represents what is possible through coordination and cooperation as we work to provide the highest quality of life to our residents. And in the end, the residents reap the benefits – a new, revamped Spring Lake Park that will allow for year-round use.

We welcome you to visit the park – it is a local favorite among residents and their dogs!