Statement from Town Supervisor Ciaran Hanna Re: New York State Canal System Revitalization Act

“After reviewing the Governor’s 30-day Amendment to the New York State Budget and speaking with local stakeholders, I am deeply concerned for the future of the Erie Canal. The Canal System Revitalization Act would create a new, more powerful governing trust and abolish the Canal Recreationway Commission, an advisory group including private citizens. The State is looking to do this without proper input from local Canal Towns/Villages, stakeholders, residents, or impacted businesses. And even now, just weeks away from a new State Budget, the reasons for creating this new entity still remain unclear. 

The Erie Canal supports our local economic, recreational, environmental, and historical interests. Any update or change to its management should be fully considered by local stakeholders and the public. Unfortunately, that is not the route being taken by New York State. Instead, these changes are happening at the last possible minute through a Budget that must be acted upon by the State Legislature by April 1, 2021. 

Please join me in contacting our State representatives and asking them to pull the NYS Canal System Revitalization Act from the State Budget until our community can examine its true reasoning and impact. 

Our taxpayers deserve better, and our community deserves to have their voices heard.” 

Town Supervisor Ciaran Hanna