Office of the Town Historian: Bill Poray

The Perinton town historian is responsible for keeping the historical record, for researching the past, and preserving records for the future. The historian is responsible for educating the public about Perinton and its heritage through talks, slide presentations, walking tours, and newspaper articles. The historian works with community boards such as Planning and Historic Architecture on issues of preservation of historic sites and buildings.

The office contains a wealth of information. There are data and genealogical records on significant families and businesses; on churches and schools; on transportation, police and fire departments, and government. There are cemetery records, obituaries, and census records dating back to 1800. There are files on each street, and records of ownership. There are old books, maps, newspapers, photographs, war records, oral histories, and canal histories.

The historian works the equivalent of two days per week. While the office is usually open most mornings from 9 a.m. to noon, it is suggested that you call to confirm before stopping in, especially if you are coming from some distance away. Other times are available by appointment.

For further information contact  Bill Poray, Town Historian at (585) 223-0770 x1125

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