DEC Licenses for Hunting and Fishing

DEC Licenses for Hunting and Fishing

The Town Clerk’s Office acts as a License Issuing Agent for the New York State Department of Environmental Conservation (DEC).   They sell hunting and fishing licenses for residents and non-residents of New York State.  The conservation license year begins October 1st and ends the following year on September 30th.  Before purchasing a hunting license applicants must provide proof of hunter education and proof of residency. 

Fishing licenses are valid for one year from the date of purchase/activation.  There is no education requirement to obtain a fishing license. 

Hunter Education

  • Proof of hunter education includes EITHER a previous hunting license OR a hunter education certificate. 
  • Bow hunters must provide additional proof of bow-hunter education – either a previous bow license or a bow-hunter education certificate. 
  • Non-resident hunters should check the DEC website for acceptable forms of proof of hunter education.  


  • The most common types of residency proof include: NYS driver’s license, NYS vehicle registration, NYS non-driver’s ID, student ID, or a parent’s driver’s license for a minor.  Additional acceptable forms of proof are shown on the DEC web site.
  • Non-residents may purchase NYS hunting and fishing licenses at an additional charge.  They must still provide proof of hunter education before purchasing a hunting license.

For more detailed information about hunting and fishing privileges in New York State and a fee schedule, visit the NYSDEC website at: