Information Technology

Information Technology

The Information Technology (IT) Office is responsible for maintaining the Town’s Computer Information infrastructure.  The office provides and/or coordinates hardware and software support for town employees including personal computers, printers, switches, and other appliances included in the system.

The IT Office also provides oversight and management of the Town’s Information Technology budget and policies and works within budgeted allocations. IT Staff rcommends the purchase of equipment and supplies from the Town budget within purchasing guidelines to meet the needs of the Town.

Additionally the IT Office:

  • Provides and implements an annual set of goals and objectives approved by the Town.
  • Trains staff relative to information technology as needed and requested.
  • Coordinates work with hardware and software vendors and other support companies and help desks.
  • Manages software licenses and upgrade software programs and operating systems as needed and required.
  • Manages the email and anti-virus systems.
  • Provides regular file backup.  
  • Responds to emergency calls as requested and approved.
  • Oversee the ongoing updates to the Town’s home page.

Contact Information

Email: Information Technology

Matt Christensen

Information Technology Office

(585) 223-0770 x 1127