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Perinton Pride Fund

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The Perinton Pride Fund: What is it?

Established in 2000, the Perinton Pride Fund is an endowment fund administered by Rochester Area Community Foundation. The fund’s purpose is to improve the quality of life in Perinton and the community assets we enjoy for future generations.

Take Pride in Perinton

How do I donate?

Donations may be made directly to the Perinton Pride Fund and sent to the Perinton Recreation and Parks Department. You will receive a written acknowledgement for your gift from the Rochester Area Community Foundation. Donations are tax deductible to the full extent allowed by law.

Click Here to Donate Online through the RACF Website

The link above will link you directly with the Rochester Area Community Foundation website’s donation page. Please click on the first drop down box and select “Another project, fund or issue.” Please complete all requested information and list the Perinton Pride Fund in the Special instructions box at the end of the donations page.

What is the Community Foundation?

Founded in 1972, the Rochester Area Community Foundation is one of more than 850 community Foundations in the country. A permanent community endowment, your community foundation has been built up over the years by gifts and bequests from individuals, families and organizations committed to addressing the changing needs of our region.


The Perinton Pride Fund is viewed as an alternative to increasing taxes and program support fees in providing secure, long-term investments in vital town services.

Take Pride in Perinton
Garnsey Road Arboretum
Take Pride in Perinton
Center Park Playground

The Perinton Pride Fund In Action

Arts & Culture

The residents of Perinton enjoy several arts & cultural programs, including the Thursday Gazebo Series and the Sunday Center Stage concert series.

Take Pride in Perinton
Center Stage at Center Park
Take Pride in Perinton
 Fellows Road Park

Parks & Open Space

Perinton, a Trail Town USA, is blessed with a strong parks system with many additional areas of open space preserved for future generations. The Perinton Pride Fund will help to continue this opportunity to offer a green town.

Access for People with Disabilities

Inclusion of people with disabilities is a key component in building a strong community. With assistance from the Perinton Pride Fund, we will continue our offerings of assistance for people with disabilities.

Take Pride in Perinton
Aquatic Center Carts (left)
Lift chair for the disabled
Center Stage Golf (right)
Senior/Disabled Transport

Take Pride in Perinton
Summer playground

Recreation Programming

The recreation programs that are enjoyed by the community are also offered to select individuals through needs based scholarships. The Perinton Pride Fund will continue to offer this ability to reach a wider audience.

Environmental Stewardship

The Town has a strong commitment to the preservation and protection of fragile eco-systems ensuring their presence for generations to come.

Take Pride in Perinton

Contact Information

Email: Animal Control
Supervisors Office

Ciaran Hanna

Town Supervisor

(585) 223-0770

Jeff Nutting

Commissioner of Recreation and Parks

(585) 223-5050