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2022 Fee Schedule

Department of Public Works Permit & Inspections

Sewer Connections

Town Sewer District Entrance    $1,000 per unit
Town Out-of-District$500 per unit
Monroe County Pure Waters Connection$250 (residential)
$350 (non-residential)

Sewer and Lateral Cleaning$250/hour from 7 a.m. to 3:30 p.m. Monday through Friday
$300/hour for all other times.

Water/Sewer Service Inspections

Residential$30 per inspection / $60 per re-inspection
Non-residential$75 per inspection
Commercial$60 per inspection / $150 per re-inspection
Utility and Road Inspection
For new construction
$30 per hour with time and a half for hours outside of 7:30 am to 4:00 pm and for Saturdays, Sundays and holidays.
New Construction Maintenance
Bond Review
$30 per hour with time and a half for hours outside of 7:30 am to 4:00 pm and for Saturdays, Sundays and holidays.
Sidewalk Construction Fees for Development in identified Sidewalk Zones$25 per linear foot.

Electronics Recycling*

CRT Computer Monitor$10
CRT TV ≤ 27” $20
CRT TV > 27”$40
CRT TV – Oversized (Console / Rear Projection)$50

*payment using credit/debit card (vs cash) will increase the respective fees (by size) by $1.75 each transaction

Residential Refuse Drop-offs

(High Acres Landfill – no cash accepted; check or credit card only)                                                                                                                  

Household Waste                                            

Resident (with sticker) $6 up to seven (7) bags
Non-resident or resident without sticker$12 up to seven (7) bags 
RecyclingNo Charge

Bulky Items (mattress, furniture)

Resident (with sticker) $15 per item
Non-resident or resident without sticker$20 per item

Construction Debris

Resident (with sticker)$40 per pickup truck, van or trailer
Non-resident or resident without sticker$50 per pickup truck, van or trailer

Right-of-way Construction Permits

Residential Driveway or Curb Cut$40
Temporary Access Road$60
Commercial entrance$150
Drainage Pipe or Culverts$75
Installation of underground utilities
$100 +$0.25 per foot (more than 250 feet)
Financial guarantee, inspection costs, and engineered drawings may apply. See notes at the end of this section.
Erecting new or replacing existing utility poles$50 + $1.00 per pole
Extension or replacement of aerial cable or wire$60 + $0.25 per foot (more than 250 feet)
Open road cut$500
Financial guarantee, inspection costs, and engineered drawings may apply. See notes at end of this section.
Miscellaneous Repair Work (per application)$35
(Fee may be waived for those who have purchased a Utility Maintenance Permit)
Annual Utility Maintenance Permit$2,000
*The Annual Utility Maintenance Permit covers repair and general maintenance of owner’s infrastructure.  It does not cover replacement or additions of infrastructure.
Annual Right of Way Occupancy (unless established in other Agreement)$1,500


  1. Financial guarantee in an amount to be determined by DPW Staff at the time of Permit application may be required on the form of a letter of credit, cash, savings account, or Trust & agency deposit. Full time inspection of work proposed in the Right-of-Way may also be required. DPW Staff will provide the applicant with an estimate of inspection costs, based on the scope of work, at time of permit issuance.
  2. Contact DPW Staff to determine whether professionally engineered drawings are required to be submitted with the 149 Highway Work Permit Application. At a minimum, the applicant shall request design information from Dig Safely NY and all flagged field information shall be collected and shown on aerial base mapping.

Building and Codes Department Permit & Inspections

Building Permits                                          

$0.20 a square foot for a residential building permit ($50 minimum)

$0.25 a square foot for a commercial building permit ($200 minimum)

*Permit fee doubles if work commences prior to obtaining permit ($100 minimum)


Lawn Sprinkler Permits$50


Wood Burning Stoves, Chimney, Flues, Fireplaces$50
Erecting new Communication Tower/pole or adding New Equipment to Existing Tower/pole for Wireless Communication$2,000-new tower/pole installation
$1,000-newequipment added/replaced


Single-family dwelling$1,000
Two-family dwelling$2,000
Multi-family dwelling/unit$1,000/unit

Public buildings & grounds:

Independent living: NYSDH$500/unit
Shared housing: NYSDH$500/unit
Proprietary home: NYSDH$300/unit
Enriched housing: NYSDH$300/unit
Nursing home No fee

Sewer Lateral Inspections

Residential  $30
Building Dept. Re-inspection$100
Commercial Fire Alarm Permit$50 (Every two years)

Certificates of Occupancy:

Residential – single family   $50
Duplex  $80
Multi-family/Apartments $100, plus $10 per unit more than 3 units
Re-inspection of C. Of O.  $50

Commercial, etc.

under 2,000 sq.ft.  $75
over 2,000 sq.ft. $75 (Plus $10 for ea. add. 1,000 sq.ft.)
Re-inspection of C. of O.$50
Permit to Construct a Septic System (per Chapter 17 – Sewers, Part 2)$10
Demolition Permit$50 residential, $200 commercial

Electrical Permits$100 includes inspection

Electrical Inspections

Base Electrical Inspection$75 residential/$100 commercial
New Residential Building$100/unit, plus $50 per unit over 5 units
New Commercial Buildings/Remodeling$100 up to 5,000 square feet plus $20 per each additional 1,000 square feet

Planning, Zoning Board, HAC & Town Board Applications

Administrative Applications

Area Variance (6” or less) $50
Special Use Permit – Customary Home Occupation$50
Special Use Permit – Outdoor Dining$50
Special Use Permit – Temporary Activity Permit$50
Special Use Permit – Recreational Vehicle $50
Special Use Permit – other$50
Site Plan$100

Historic Architecture Commission Applications

Certificate of Appropriateness$50

Planning Board Applications

Site plan application

  • $250 application fee for preliminary approval
  • $250 for final approval
  • $200 re-advertising

 Site plan applications (residential sensitive)

  • $250 application fee for preliminary approval
  • $250 for final approval
  • $200 re-advertising
  • $200 for accessory structures, additions

 Subdivision applications – minor (fewer than 5 lots)

  • $250 application fee for preliminary approval  (there is no fee for final)
  • $200 re-advertising

  Subdivision applications – major (5 lots or more)

  • $100 for concept approval
  • $250 for preliminary approval
  • $250 for final approval
  • $200 re-advertising

 PDD Applications

 see above site & subdivision fees

Town Board Applications

Rezone$400 (plus re-advertising costs. Town to bill applicant if their is error/change)
Special Use Permit$150
Special Use Permit-re-advertising $75

Zoning Board of Appeals Applications

Appeal (all)$100
Area Variance – commercial$150
Area Variance – residential $100
Special Use Permit – Customary Home Occupation$100
Special Use Permit – Recreational Vehicle$100
Special Use Permit – Temporary Activity Permit$100
Special Use Permit – other$100
Use Variance (all)$100
All ZBA re-advertising$75
Sign Permits$ 4 per sq.ft. – Permanent
$50 per sign – Temporary

Town Clerk


Marriage Licenses $40
Marriage Certificates $10
Games of Chance$25 per event
Bingo$18.75 per event
Going Out of Business $500 (may be refundable)
Renewal$50 (may be refundable)
Peddling & Soliciting License$125 per year (employer)
(Chapter 163 – Peddling & Soliciting) $60 per year per employee


Code Books $153
Land Use Books$15
Zoning Books$10
Master Plan Books$20
Sub-area Plan Books$5

Animal Control

Dog Licenses$20 (unneutered)
$10 (neutered)
Senior Resident (65+)$15 (unneutered)
$5 (neutered)
Dog Seizure $20
Boarding$25 per day


Conservation Easements Application$75 each
MapsTown: $2
Zoning: $5
LDD: $2.50
Returned Check Charge$20
Credit Cards2.50% of transaction or $1.80 minimum charge to user
Copies$ .25 per page up to 11”x17”
oversized – actual cost incurred

Recreation and Parks

Recreation Programs

Varies dependent on length, type and overhead expenses related to class.

Program Cancellation Processing$7
Program Transfer Processing$7
Non-Resident Registration10% increase/$10 max applied to each program

Community Center

Activity Room 1st Hour$40
Activity Room Additional Hour (Res)$25
Activity Room Additional Hour (N/R, Business)$35
Kitchen Hourly$35
Half Gym Hourly$40
Full Gym Hourly$60
Maintenance Fee (residents and Non-Residents)minimum of $50

Group Swim Reservations

Set 1 hour and 15 minute swim times for groups of 25 or less

Room Rental Addition$40

Fitness/Aquatic Passes – Residents:

Ages 13 and Under (aquatic only)Daily: $3.50
Month: $26
6-Month: $127
12-Month: $226
20-Visit: $38
Ages 14-18, 55+, College Students & All Active MilitaryDaily: $4.00
Month: $32
6-Month: $156
12-Month: $281
20-Visit: $45
Ages 19-54Daily: $6
Month: $48
6-Month: $245
12-Month: $440
20-Visit: $68
Family Pass2 Adults and 2 children: 
$16, $2 for each additional child (up to 6)
Group Aquatic Sales (prepaid)Ages 17/under:  $3
Ages 18/over:     $5.50

Fitness/Aquatic Passes – Non Residents:

Ages 13 and under (aquatic only)Daily: $5
Month: $33
6-Month: $158
12-Month: $285
20-Visit: $66
Ages 14-18, 55+Daily: $6
Month: $39
6-Month: $196
12-Month: $352
20-Visit: $90
Ages 19-54Daily: $9
Month: $59
6-Month: $300
12-Month: $538
20-Visit: $135

Personal Training

$38 per hour

Drop-In Gymnasium Programs

(basketball, volleyball, pickleball, parent-preschooler gym)


10-Visit Drop-In Stamp Pass:


Wee Care

10 hour stamp pass:  $50
10 hour stamp pass: $50

55+ Meal Program

$5.25-$5.75 additional fees for special meals.

55+ Senior Exercise

Drop in: $4

10-Visit Pass: $36

Genesee Valley Masters Swim Passes:

3-Month: $250

6-Month: $415

12-Month: $715

Park Facilities

Enclosed Buildings:Fri-SunMon-Thur
Perinton ParkResident: $180; Non-Resident $225Resident: $150; Non-Resident: $195
Fellows Road ParkResident: $180; Non-Resident $225Resident: $150; Non-Resident: $195
White BrookResident: $160; Non-Resident: $180 Resident: $140; Non-Resident: $170
Open-Air Shelters & Concessions
Residents:Fri-Sun: $100Mon-Thur: $80
Non-Residents:Fri-Sun: $140Mon-Thur: $120
Tent (larger than 10-‘x10’)/Bounce Hut Permit:$20
Athletic Fields/Courts1 hour3 hours
Adult Softball (KRP, FRP, SLP)
Game Prep$120
Lights (Kreag Road)$45$45
Multi Use (Potter, Egypt, Spring Lake)
Rectangular Fields (CPW, CPE, FRP, Potter)
Field Lining$120$120
Tennis, Volleyball, Basketball, Pickleball

Reservation Change and Cancellation Processing

$10 per day/reservation

Overnight Docking at Bushnell’s Basin Docks
30′ or less:$9
Greater than 30′:$13
Non-Resident$7 additional
Overnight Docking at Perinton Park
30′ or less: $7
Greater than 30′:$11
Non-Resident:$7 additional
Ayrault Boat Launch – Trailer Parking
Residents$5 per night
Non-Residents$7 per night