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The Town Engineer and Director of Planning, under the direction of the Commissioner of Public Works, provide technical support to a variety of Town Departments as well as the Town Board, Planning Board, Conservation Board, and Zoning Board of Appeals.

The Town Engineer coordinates the design and construction on many of Perinton’s Capital Improvement Projects, including the development of cost estimates, managing design consultants, securing easements, and interacting with property owners whose properties may be impacted during construction.

The Director of Planning assists in the facilitation of current and future Planning Board applications and guiding those proposals through the review and approval process and manages the Town’s Planning initiatives, including, but not limited to Comprehensive Plan Updates, Active Transportation Planning, Transportation Planning, Capital Improvement Program Planning, and ADA Compliance Planning.

Additional responsibilities include:  

  • Review of proposed development plans to ensure that new infrastructure, including sanitary and storm sewers, storm water management systems, roadways, and sidewalks are designed in accordance with Federal and State regulations as well as Perinton’s Design Criteria.
  • Town liaison between private land owners, developers, and design consultants.
  • Coordinates with other local municipalities, county government, and/or state agencies regarding projects of mutual interest.
  • Oversees the construction inspection of all new development to verify that improvements comply with the approved plans.
  • Assists in updating Town Infrastructure Mapping and Record information. 
  • Maintains a current version of the Town’s Design Criteria and Construction Specifications. 
  • Technical review of the Town’s sanitary sewer and storm sewer systems to ensure adequate capacity for anticipated flows. 
  • Administers Perinton’s Flood Damage Prevention Code in coordination with FEMA’s Flood Plain Program.

Contact Engineering / Planning

Email: Engineering/Planning
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Robert J. Kozarits, P.E.

Town Engineer

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Michael S. Doser, MPA

Director of Planning

Business Hours: Monday – Friday 7:30am to 4:00pm
Phone: (585) 223-5115 / Fax: (585) 223-0448
After Hours Contact: (585) 425-7380