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A town in New York State is a general purpose, home rule municipal corporation. New York State’s 932 towns cover the entire area of the State (outside of cities) and constitute the most numerous and diverse class of local government.  The 2000 census of town populations ranged from 38 in Red House to approximately 756,000 in Hempstead and 74 towns, including Perinton at 46,090, have populations greater than 20,000.  Towns vary widely in their physical characteristics, their constituencies, and the services they provide.  At the same time, they are all similar in their basic governmental structures and responsibilities, and generally are subject to the same State laws and mandates.

In 1960, only 36% of the State population lived in towns; the 2000 census showed that this has grown to 46%.  More than 8.7 million people now live in towns.  Approximately one-half of New York’s citizens rely on towns for the provision of primary public services.

Town Supervisor

A Town Supervisor is the chief executive officer of the town, similar to a city mayor.  He/she is an elected official, in most towns serving a two-year term.  The Supervisor sits as the presiding member of the Town Board, an elected body of four councilpersons who, along with the Supervisor, are responsible for the adoption of the annual budget, and for the adoption, enforcement and execution of all legislative actions of the Board. 

The Supervisor’s responsibilities also include the preparation and recommendation of the annual budget, reports, information and material for Town Board action, as well as recommending amendments to the Town Code and ordinances when necessary. 

The Supervisor manages and is responsible for the day-to-day operations of Town government, and is available to meet with residents to discuss topics of interest to them.

Community Services Coordinator

Assisting the Supervisor with community relations and engagement is the Community Services Coordinator, who executes strategies for effective communication and coordinates community events/programs.

Contact Information

Email: Town Supervisor

Ciaran Hanna, Town Supervisor

Heather Moffitt, Community Services Coordinator

(585) 223-0770