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Highway Department

The Town of Perinton Highway Department’s responsibilities fall into five major categories: highway maintenance, trash collection, leaf collection, snow and ice control, and general maintenance of town owned open space.

Highway Maintenance

Highway maintenance is performed on 326 lane miles of town owned highways providing a safe transportation network within the Town of Perinton.   The roads are kept in safe working order using three distinct types of service. The time frame and the type of maintenance performed on each  a road is determined through a rating process utilizing data collected annually and a software program developed by the Cornell Local Roads Program.  

  • Routine Maintenance – This includes asphalt patching, sign installation and repair, roadway sweeping, right of way mowing, and dead animal pickup.   
  • Preventative Maintenance – Surface treating provides a new wear surface and limits infiltration of water that degrades the structure of the road.  Surface treating methods include crack filling, chip sealing, and slurry sealing.
  • Capital Improvement – The major rehabilitation of an entire road, which encompasses removal and reinstallation of concrete gutter and drainage inlets, milling the asphalt surface, and re-applying new asphalt.

Trash Collection

  • Containerized or bundled lawn debris pickup is provided once a week. All debris must be placed in reusable containers (garbage cans, Rubbermaid containers- no boxes, wheelbarrows, etc.) that weigh less than 50 pounds for collection. Since all materials the Town collects are composted. The Town cannot pick up debris placed in plastic or paper bags.
  • Loose branch pickup is provided once a week. Piles that are too large for our daily collection crews will be picked up with a loader within 1 -3 weeks.  
  • Metal pickup – Appliances, car parts, lawn mowers, grills, pipe and posts cut into four foot lengths are picked up once a week.   
  • Tire collection is provided once a week (4 per household per year).     
  • Stone, concrete, and dirt – Small pieces should be placed in reusable waterproof containers.  This service is for small amounts only.  
  • Roadside pickup – In order to keep the roadsides looking clean, town forces pick up litter and debris along town, county, and state highways.    
  • Grass clippings are not included as part of our collection process.  

Leaf Collection

Check out our Leaf Collection Map! Click here to find out where leaf collection crews are currently working. 

Leaf Collection consists of two types of pickup:

  • Containerized leaves are picked up once a week. 
  • Loose leaves are collected from Labor Day until the job is complete, or until winter weather sets in. Loose leaves should be piled by the curb for pickup.  They should not be placed in the road.  Loose leaves are also collected during the months of April and May, leaves are picked up as part of our spring cleanup program.

Snow and Ice Control

Snow and Ice Control consists of anti-icing and de-icing.  Anti-icing is the process of applying chemicals to the road to minimize the amount of snow that freezes to the road surface.  De-icing is the process of plowing off the snow and applying chemicals to minimize refreeze to the road surface.

During the winter season, Town of Perinton plow and salt trucks provide snow and ice control for over 456 miles of highways within the Town.  This includes 326 lane miles of town owned highway, as well as 70 lane miles of Monroe County owned highways, and 60 lane miles of New York Stateowned highways.  (Perinton does not perform snow and ice control on NYS Route 490). During periods of icy conditions, our fleet of 16 salt trucks uses computer controlled material spreaders to apply the appropriate amount of chemicals, limiting any environmental exposure, yet, still ensuring the roads are passable. Our fleet of 21 snow plows is dispatched when conditions require the highways be plowed. The town maintains a staff on duty 24/7 from November 15th to April 1st to respond to changing winter conditions. Please remember that there is a “No Parking Ordinance” in effect from November 15th to April 1st from 2 a.m. to 7 a.m. on all public streets.  This ordinance is in place to help town snow removal equipment clear the streets from curb to curb and keep our streets safe.

Town Owned Open Space

Town owned open space consists of more than 1,410 acres of land that has been acquired by the Town of Perinton to help preserve the areas’ natural beauty and vistas.  Much of this land contains public hiking trails maintained by the Crescent Trail Association. Maintenance on this land is limited to that required to maintain viable natural habitat and to address unsafe conditions.

Contact Information

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James M. Spencer

Deputy Commissioner of Public Works – Highway

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