Sewer Department

The primary responsibility of the Sewer Department includes three major functional program areas: to provide technical guidance, support services for the construction, operation, and maintenance of the Town’s sanitary and storm sewer systems, as well as its’ drainage network, including all stormwater management facilities/ponds.

1. Sanitary Sewer District: The Town Sewer Department manages the operation and maintenance of public sanitary sewer mains, sanitary manholes, and pump stations, which serve residential and commercial properties throughout Town. Eventually, sanitary sewage is collected and transported to Monroe County’s “interceptor sewers.” Learn more.

Impacts of improperly disposing of fats, oils and grease (FOG)

Impacts of flushing “wipes” Learn more

2. Storm Sewer System and Drainage: The Town Sewer Department manages and operates public storm sewers, storm sewer manholes, and drainage inlets or catch basins, which serve residential and commercial areas/properties alike. Perinton’s storm sewer system collects stormwater run-off that is generated by rainfall or snowmelt that occurs within a watershed. Stormwater not collected in the storm sewer system is collected by a network of swales, streams, and channels capturing and conveying surface water run-off that drain from properties throughout Town. Learn more

3. Sidewalks: The Town’s sidewalks offer a safe and convenient transportation alternative to access parks, open space areas, residential neighborhoods and commercial centers of the Town. The Town Sewer Department is responsible for the maintenance, replacement, and/or repair of all sidewalks throughout Town that are along public roads, within park areas or on Town-owned lands. 

Contact Information

Email: Sewer Department

Perry L. Stolt

Deputy Commissioner of Public Works – Sewers

Business Hours: Monday – Friday 7:30am to 4:00pm
Phone: (585) 223-5115 Fax: (585) 223-0448
After Hours Contact: (585) 425-7380