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Seasonal Spotlight on Animals in Perinton

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Our Mission

Perinton Animal Control strives to provide all of our residents and animals a safe, respectful, and enjoyable place to reside. We achieve this by treating all of our residents and animals with respect and compassion. Our focus is to educate residents on creating strong, positive relationships with neighbors, pets, and wildlife.

About Perinton Animal Control

The Animal Control Office is responsible for the protection and control of dogs and sick/injured wildlife for the Town of Perinton and Village of Fairport.  The office is staffed by one full-time and seven part-time Animal Control Officers that are available to assist Town and Village residents with dog or wildlife problems 24 hours a day. The duties of the Animal Control Office consist of administering the Dog Control Ordinances for the Town of Perinton and Village of Fairport as well as enforce Article 7 of the NYS Agriculture and Markets Law.

 The Animal Control Officer assists the Town Clerk with Dog Licensing as well as organizes an annual Rabies Immunization Clinic that is free and available to any Perinton or Fairport resident.  This annual event is typically held in June at the Perinton Public Works Facility (100 Cobb’s Lane). Please check out our Rabies Clinics Page for more information on this event.

The Animal Control Office is also available to answer questions, and advise residents on how to live/ control Nuisance Wildlife. If you should have additional questions or concerns, refer to the Contact Information at the bottom of this page for methods of contact.  

Lost & Found Pets in Perinton/Fairport

Below is a current list of lost and found pets we’ve received recently. We will do our best to keep this list as current as possible.  Also, check out Lollypop Spotters facebook page for additional missing pet information. 

Note: Unfortunately, lost pet scams are on the rise. We urge all pet owners to exercise extreme caution when dealing with unknown parties regarding lost pet services.

One prevalent scam to be aware of is the Google Code Scam. Scammers scour the internet for public postings of cellphone numbers, particularly those related to lost pets. They then contact pet owners, claiming to assist in the search. However, their true intention is to obtain a 6-digit Google verification code sent to you, ostensibly to verify your identity. In reality, this code is used by the scammer to activate a new Google Voice account for fraudulent activities.

We implore all pet owners to remain vigilant. If something feels off or too good to be true, it likely is. Take a moment to pause, and thoroughly research any service before committing.

Date Lost or Found? Type of Animal Gender Picture Link
06/17/24 Lost Cat Female Read More
06/09/24 Found Other Not Sure No Image Read More

Who to contact?

Meet your Animal Control Team:
Tom Miner, A.J. Mitrano, Dan Gekoski, Matt Henning, Steve Pringle, Jeff Sens, Todd Farley, and Brian Hopkins.

Contact Animal Control

Email: Animal Control

Steve Pringle

Animal Control Officer

Business Hours: Monday – Friday 7:30am to 4:00pm 
Phone: (585) 223-5115 / Fax: (585) 223-0448
After Hours Contact: (585) 425-7380