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2020 Reassessment Canceled

Reassessment Update from Supervisor Ciaran Hanna:

COVID-19 has had an impact on all Town functions, including the reassessment process. To best protect the safety and health of the public, the 2020 Reassessment Update is canceled for this year.

We wanted to ensure that each and every resident had the opportunity and ability to appear in-person and complete the grievance process if they so desired. Due to the limitations we are facing because of COVID-19 and the impending deadline to submit the final roll, we feel it is in the best interest of our property owners to cancel this year’s Reassessment Update.

The Assessment Office will be in contact with residents, and anyone with questions or concerns can call Town Hall at (585) 223-0770 or email Town Hall is no longer accepting in-person visitors, however, we are staffed and here to serve you by phone and email.

Please stay safe and keep up-to-date by visiting

Note: There will be no Town-wide reassessment in 2021.

2020 Final Assessment Roll