Lost Pet – Cat

Date Submitted: 09/22/22
Lost or Found: Lost
Pet Type: Cat
Gender: Male
Notes/Comments: Pez is friendly and responds to his name. He has a black brown and gray brindle coloring. Black stripes on his back. His ears stand tall. He has green eyes. He has a longer more narrow face shape.
Date went missing: 2022-09-20
Date found:
Location went missing: Whitney Ridge apartment’s
Location found:
Breed: Domestic short haired cat
Approximate Weight: 9lb
Approximate Age: 2
Colors/Markings: Brindle/ black stripes
Pet Name: Pez
Tattoo/ID/Microchip: N/A
Municipal License Number: N/A
Collar Color: N/A
Tag ID Info: N/A