Mo Holland, Face of PCC, retires

For the past 23 years—since the day the Perinton Community Center opened for that matter—Maureen Holland has been there to greet and help patrons at the front desk. That all ended Nov. 30 when the 40-year Perinton resident retired.

 “I love my job, I love the people, but it is time to move on,” she said. “I feel like the Mayor of the PCC. I have seen kids come in as preschoolers and now they are bringing their kids in.”

Maureen worked as a Lab Tech at Strong before staying home to raise her two daughters—Allison and Sara. When they became old enough, Maureen started looking for part-time work.

 The PCC was about to open and they were looking for part-timers. Maureen was hired and has never left.

 “I love the interaction with the people,’’ said Maureen, who is known as a big practical joker. “Working here is the best thing I have ever done. I will miss the people and now I have to figure out who I’m going to play tricks on.”

Town Supervisor Ciaran Hanna is among those who will miss Maureen.

 “She is definitely one of a kind,” he said, “She always has a smile on her face and usually something quick-witted to say to everyone.”

Maureen has always worked the opening shift at the PCC, usually arriving to a dark parking lot at 5:30 a.m. to open. As of Dec. 1, however, all her special talents headed to Florida for a well-deserved retirement.

“Maureen has been an absolute pleasure to work with,” said Recreation Director Jeff Nutting. “She always found a way to bring levity into the workplace and for our patrons. She will be missed dearly.”