New Trail Connecting Spring Lake Park to Irondequoit Creek Trail Underway

July 21, 2023

The Town of Perinton is taking significant strides to enhance its recreational infrastructure with the construction of a new trail that will create an essential link between Spring Lake Park and the existing Irondequoit Creek Trail. The project will span 2,100 feet, providing residents and visitors with improved access to the natural beauty along Irondequoit Creek and fostering outdoor activities. The existing Irondequoit Creek Trail, extending 6.2 miles from Irondequoit Bay through Channing Philbrick Park to the Perinton Town Line, will seamlessly connect to the new trail. Funding for the majority of the project comes from Federal Funds, and the town aims to have the trail open to the public by late October 2023.

To ensure the trail’s longevity and usability, the path will closely follow an existing worn route along Irondequoit Creek. The trail surface will feature a 3 to 5-foot-wide stone dust covering, providing a comfortable and stable pathway for pedestrians and cyclists alike. Notably, a 300-foot-long portion of the eroded creek embankment will undergo stabilization using large stones, bolstering the trail’s resilience against natural forces. Additionally, to allow safe passage over an overflow channel, a timber-framed bridge will be constructed, further enhancing accessibility.

Work began in mid-July 2023, with the establishment of the staging area. The next stage involves installing a temporary creek crossing, slated for late July 2023. Following that, tree removals, creek embankment stabilization, and trail construction are planned from mid-August to mid-October 2023.

Throughout the construction phase, the existing worn path north of Spring Lake Park will be temporarily closed to ensure the safety and efficiency of the new trail’s construction. Trail Closed signs will be posted at the north and south ends of the project area to inform visitors of the temporary closure. To address any concerns during construction, residents can contact our Department of Public Works.

The Town recognizes the significance of this new trail project and its potential to enrich the community’s recreational experiences. We will provide updates as major milestones in the construction process are achieved. Thank you to our residents for your cooperation and patience throughout this vital trail construction, acknowledging the long-term benefits it will bring to the park’s recreational landscape. With the expected completion in late October 2023, the town eagerly awaits the unveiling of this new recreational gem, connecting nature enthusiasts to the picturesque beauty of Irondequoit Creek.