Scouts build bridge on Perinton trail

On Oct. 24, Eagle Scout candidate Noah Reilly of Boy Scout Troop 260 in Penfield and his team constructed a 40-foot bridge on the Yellow Trail between Lyndon Road and Turk Hill Road south of the canal in Perinton.

The project fills a gap in that branch of the trail, which was created when the old bridge was swept away by a storm in August 2018. The project received help and support from Perinton Recreation and Parks Department and the Perinton Department of Public Works.

Used power poles were delivered in March, just before COVID-19 halted Scout activities and delayed construction. Reilly’s team did the planning, fund-raising, purchasing and preparing materials and construction themselves.

“This is another great Eagle Scout project that has enhanced our community,’’ Perinton Town Supervisor Ciaran Hanna said. “Not only does the community get to benefit from the project, but the Scouts get the satisfaction of watching people use that bridge for years to come.”