Athletic Fields & Courts

Athletic Field Reservations

Contact Information:

Chris Dudley, Parks Director Phone: (585) 223-5050, ext. 2026  Email:
Lynn Mazurkiewicz, Parks Admin Phone: (585) 223-5050, ext. 2027 Email:

Reservations are first come/first serve and we do our best to accommodate everyone’s requests.

Due to the community response and demand for play at this time, the Town of Perinton is not accepting reservations for the Fellows Road Tennis or Pickleball courts.

Teams can email, fax, mail, or drop off forms to the Perinton Community Center.

Prices are based upon a 1 and 3 hour time block and do not include grooming, lining, or lighting.

Group discounts are available for more than 20 field/court reservations during the season.

Teams from the same organization may share field space.

Either 1/3 of the total balance owed or full payment will be required after your reservation receipt is issued to officially reserve your dates. Full payment is due by the start of the reservation or start of season. For example; spring and fall soccer.

current insurance certificate must be provided for any organized team reservation. Please list the Town of Perinton, 1350 Turk Hill Road, as a certificate holder as well as at least $1,000,000.00 in coverage.

Please review and accept all regulations associated with Page 2 of the athletic field and court reservation form at the time of submission. 

Any organized sports team requiring payment to play is also required to pay for Town of Perinton parks field use. This includes all games/practices/scrimmages, both scheduled and impromptu.

Permanent bases/plugs have been installed at 65 feet in all of our adult softball fields. Please notify us if you will be using your own bases.

Under no circumstances may pitchers blocks, home plates, or soccer goals be moved for any reason. Fines will be issued for violations of this policy.

10-day advance notice is required to change or cancel your confirmed reservation with an admin fee of $10.00 per field. Discounted rates apply for group reservations. Advance 10 days is required to receivd a refund. Rain make-ups are only issued if the Town officially closes the field on a particular day/date.