High Acres Landfill

High Acres Landfill is a privately-owned landfill, a division of Waste Management of New York, LLC.  Established in 1971, it is located on approximately 1,000 acres on the eastern edge of Monroe County in the Town of Perinton and crosses over the western border of Wayne County in the Town of Macedon. 

The 1,200-acre property includes a renewable energy plant, nature/trail area, fire department training facility, police range, sports complex, compost recycling area, residential drop-off station, and approximately 360-acres of permitted landfill area.

Residents with odor concerns can contact: NYS DEC High Acres Odor Hotline: (585) 453-2416

Perinton residents can obtain a vehicle landfill sticker in the Perinton Town Clerk’s office for use at the residential drop-off area at a discounted price, as an alternative to private pickup, for materials generated in the home only (not available for businesses).

Waste Management is required to prepare and present its environmental and operational compliance report card to Perinton’s Conservation Board on a annual basis. The 2023 presentation took place on April 4th, 2023. A copy of Waste Management’s presentation can be viewed here.