Town Board Forms

Rezoning  – requires EAF – see below link

Special Use Permit  – requires EAF – see below link

Monroe County Development Review Online – NEW! – effective 6/15/2020 . Please submit to Monroe County online after you have made your application submission to the Town of Perinton, and it has been initially accepted for review.

Criteria – Monroe County Department of Planning & Development

Agriculture District Notification Packet   –  farm operation parcels or within 500 feet of farm operation parcels for Site Plan, Subdivision, Special Use Permit or Use Variance applications

Link to Short EAF & Long EAF – parts 1, 2 & 3.  The applicant or sponsor must complete Part I, 2 and 3 (as/if applicable) of the Short or Long Environmental Assessment Form (EAF) and submit it to the Town for review and determination of lead agency.  The Town lead agency will then coordinate with the applicant or sponsor and review, comment and/or edit as/if needed.  Please note the applicant or sponsor must sign and date Part 1 as applicant/sponsor, and Part 3 as preparer. The Town lead agency responsible officer will sign and date Part 3 upon completion of the SEQR process and return a copy to the applicant or sponsor upon request.

Owner Authorization – owner of parcel(s) of land