How to Live with Wildlife

A wide variety of wildlife species live in and around the Town of Perinton.  These include deer, rabbits, raccoons, skunks, fox, bats, wild turkey, coyote, woodchucks, and more.  We have made it relatively easy for these animals to co-exist with people by supplying them with food, either in the form of landscape plantings, birdfeeders with seed, unlidded trash containers, compost piles, or pet food.  It is much easier to eat available food than to hunt for it.

To discourage wildlife in your neighborhood, keep the following in mind:

  • Don’t feed them
  • Keep all trash and food compost contained and covered
  • Don’t feed your pets outdoors
  • Secure your pets
  • Use bird feeders that minimize birdseed spillage
  • Close off areas under porches and sheds
  • Do not try to approach or pet them

If you are experiencing a problem with an animal in your attic or chimney, an animal living under your deck or porch or burrowed in your yard, you should contact a wildlife trapper.  Click here for a listing of NYSDEC Licensed Wildlife Trappers. If you should decide to trap the animal yourself, the Town does have a limited number of traps available to borrow.

If you notice strange or threatening behavior, a sick or injured animal, please contact our Animal Control Officer.  He will assess the situation, and determine the proper steps to resolve the problem.  The Animal Control Officer can be reached at 223-5115, Monday through Friday 7:30 AM to 4:00 PM.    Evenings, weekends, and holidays, please call 425-7380.

For more information on living with wildlife, visit

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Contact Information

Email: Animal Control

Steve Pringle

Animal Control Officer

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