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Meeting Schedule

Zoning Board of Appeals Meeting Schedule


Please contact Lori Stid, Zoning Board of Appeals Secretary at (585) 223-0770 to verify accuracy of schedule

Submission deadlines are at Noon on the submission deadline date

Meeting Date                                     Submission deadline date

1/25/21                                                            12/28/20

2/22/21                                                            1/25/21

3/22/21                                                            2/22/21

4/26/21                                                            3/22/21

5/24/21                                                            4/26/21

6/28/21                                                            5/24/21

7/26/21 (6 p.m.)                                              6/28/21

8/19/21                                                            7/15/21

9/27/21                                                            8/23/21

10/25/21                                                          9/27/21

11/22/21                                                          10/25/21

12/27/21                                                          11/22/21

Meeting location:  Town Hall Board room – 1350 Turk Hill Road.  The parking lot entrance has a sign that states Town Court and Town meetings.  Please enter the building by using the middle set of double doors, which are to the left of the flag pole. 

Meetings are typically held on the 4th Monday of each month @ 7:30 PM; unless otherwise noted.  Confirm with Lori Stid, Secretary-Planning Board & Zoning Board of Appeals

Please refer to our website for agendas and other information at:        

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