Insurance Requirements for Building Permits

New York State law requires the Town of Perinton to collect proof of various types of insurance prior to issuing a building permit. If a contractor is used, see the below “Contractor Insurance Requirements” info sheet.

Where a homeowner is applying for a permit for their own residence, a BP-1 waiver may be signed by the owner. See the below “BP-1 Insurance Waiver for Homeowners” to determine if the conditions apply.

Where a homeowner or contractor is not required to carry worker’s compensation or disability insurance and the BP-1 does not apply, a CE-200 exemption waiver can be requested from the State. See the “CE-200 Insurance Waiver Instructions” below.

Original signed BP-1 and CE-200 forms may be mailed or dropped off to the BCD Office.

Contractor insurance certificates may be sent to the Building & Codes Department at

Contact Building and Codes Department

Email: Building and Codes Department

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Director Of Building and Codes

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